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Use RadioButtonField to give users the possibility to select only one option from a number of choices. It contains a radio input with its label. If needed the component can display an error message and hint message. For a multiple-choice, please consider using ChecboxField component.

Table of contents

How to use RadioButtonField

  • RadioButtonField should be used in a group. Please include at least two or more choices for users
  • Options provided for users should be mutually exclusive.
  • Make sure choices don’t overlap. Avoid patterns like: 1990-2000, 2000-2010.
  • Be explicit about the action that will follow if the radio button is selected

Code examples

Basic usage

Example with 2 options with helper text displayed

Content recommendations

  • Labels should be concise and provide context.
  • Use sentence-style capitalization (only the first word in a phrase and any proper nouns capitalized)


  • Radio buttons should have a clear and concise label.