Forma 36 version 3 is not supported anymoreClick here to go to version 4
Forma 36

Tools and guidance for digital teams

Forma 36 is an open-source design system by Contentful created with the intent to reduce the overhead of creating UI by providing tools and guidance for digital teams building and extending Contentful products.

Resources for designers and developers

Everything you need to get started building for Contentful

Illustration for Forma 36 UI Kit

Prototype in Figma with Forma 36 components

Copy the F36 UI Kit to Figma, publish it as a Team library and start prototyping. You need a Figma account to do this.

Copy F36 UI Kit to Figma

Illustration for design tokens

Get the tokens

Design tokens for Forma 36 available as JSON, CSS, and SCSS

Get the tokens

Illustration for CSS utility classes

Forma 36 FCSS

CSS utlity classes for spacing, colors, and more


Get started

You can use our Codesandbox template to start using Forma 36 right away

Forma 36 is open-source

We appreciate your contributions. For more details about how to contribute to a package, see the README of the corresponding package on GitHub

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